A tool for DVRs based on the DVR-IP protocol

What is TaniDVR?

TaniDVR is a CLI tool for accessing DVRs used for CCTV surveillance systems based on the proprietary DVR-IP protocol (port 37777/TCP).

Those are inexpensive Linux-based OEM DVRs sold under several distinct brands around the world.
All those DVRs, regardless their branding, are produced by this company: Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd.

Unfortunately those DVRs do not come with Un*x-compatible (Linux, *BSD..) clients, and its web interface only works with a certain web browser for a certain proprietary OS.

So now you can finally access (watch, record) the videos from such DVRs from a proper OS.

TaniDVR is free software licensed under GNU GPL v3 terms.

real-time monitoring with TaniDVR
feeding video to MPlayer, under Linux

Compatible DVRs

TaniDVR works with OEM DVRs produced by Dahua, sold under several different brands:
Acorn F&S
Mace S. P.
New Surway
(and dozens more)

TaniDVR is confirmed to work with the following DVR:
Intelbras VD 8E 240

Support mailing list

If TaniDVR is of interest to you, you're invited to subscribe to the tanidvr-users mailing list.
Through that mailing list you may request support and provide feedback aswell.
Note: to avoid problems with spam, subscription is subject to manual approval. That will usually take a few hours.

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